Major OEM-production products

Women’s goods

card case, coin case, wallet, bag, cosmetic pouch,
hair accessory, accessory

Women’s apparel

sheepskin coat


Now, we have total of 8 companies of partnership factories and manufacturers. That can be commercialized at the price of the products according to the customer request.


We can respond to a wide range of request, such as a small lot to a hundreds of thousands lot.

 The following is the flow from order to delivery.

 We produce mainly in Japan and China, India by the number of lots and contents of the product planning.

 We manufacture OEM productions of apparel.( Customer brand manufacturing)
 If you are looking for original brand manufacturing factory or need help in the production, please feel free to contact us.
 From your design drawings, we do sample, pattern making and production, propose material, and preparations.
 If you have no design drawings, we make a design for you.
 And also it is available to manufacture from our produced model.

 We are involved more than 20 company mainly major apparel maker in production and
 manufacture so experienced staff will respond your requests for designers, apparel makers and private owners.

 We support OEM production of goods items from planning to production.
 For apparel OEM production, it is necessary to present your pattern and sample-request except produced model.

 We want to plan and talk together what the customers are demanding for instead of just making pattern as received.

 After the final inspection at local factory, Japanese professional staff inspected again in Ala mode and deliver to specified destination.

Metallic leather material mini wallet

Leather material wallet

Crocodile material wallet

Wool cloth and chiffon  ribbon bag

Wicker material and leather ribbon clutch bag

Leather and satin material bag

Sheepskin material bag

Rabbit fur material bag

   PU material bag

Swarovski decoration  hair accessory

Metallic material makeup pouch

   Sheepskin coat